The Biomedical Olympics tests students’ knowledge and interest in this area, specifically in molecular and cellular biology and human physiology, as well as in human diseases. The aim of the Olympics is to stimulate a desire to learn more about the workings of the cell and the human body in today’s young people, to inspire them to take better care of their health and the health of others through the study of disease, and to encourage young people to pursue careers in medicine, healthcare and biomedical sciences research.

Students can submit their project to the Biomedical Olympics in the form of a structured abstract in the first round and in the form of a poster in the second round. The purpose of the abstract or poster will be to determine and solve a specific biomedical problem.

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First round:
A structured abstract without the results section will be evaluated. We ask all participants to send the abstract by 31 December 2022 to the email address Subsequently, the abstracts will be selected and their authors will be able to implement projects in cooperation with the assigned supervisor.

Second round:
The poster will be evaluated, which will be designed according to the created abstract already with the results.

Segmentation of the abstract/poster and content of individual parts:

Introduction – the theoretical basis from which the set goals of the work are based, or the hypothesis that the author of the project wants to prove or disprove. Brief justification of the choice of the work topic.
The goals of the work – specific goals that the author sets for himself based on theoretical knowledge.
Methods – specific procedures with which the author wants to achieve the set goals of the work.
Results – a set of images, graphs, tables, diagrams, texts or other documentary materials that demonstrate the fulfillment of the individual goals of the work using established procedures and methods.
Conclusion – summary and evaluation of the results of the work, the importance of the work in a specific area can be mentioned in the conclusion.
After the mentioned parts of the project, it is necessary to include a list of the most important used literature and websites.

The following will be evaluated:
Originality of the project: 0-5 points
Level of goal setting and corresponding solution: 0-4 points
Actuality of the topic: 0-4 points
Expertise in project processing: 0-4 points
Difficulty of the topic: 0-4 points
Aesthetic level of the poster: 0-3 points