Courses for PhD students 2021

Every year we organize courses for PhD students as well as for other students. This year, 2021, courses are held from 2nd – 17th September. Join us, sign in by sending email to Unless stated otherwise, the courses will be held from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm including lunch break.

  • Monday – at Faculty of Medicine, Sasinkova 4, 5th floor
  • Tuesday – Friday at SAS, Medical science pavilion, block B, 6th floor, IMBM library.

Courses include theoretical and practical part in:

  • Reading of scientific papers, equipment, lab rules
  • Study design, writing of scientific papers
  • Calculations, citation softwares
  • Animal handling, anesthesia, metabolic cages
  • Blood collection, Burker chamber, microscopy
  • First aid, blood collection, pipetting
  • DNA, RNA isolation, electrophoresis
  • Behavioral tests
  • Cell cultures, DNase activity, work with bacteria
  • Graphpad, statistics
  • Neutrophil isolation and assays