Here You can find pdf textbook on ECG by Julius Hodosy et al.

ECG in real life



In case of any questions, you can consult the lectures that you have had to study over the past weeks with a teacher through mail. 

Rector of Comenius University interrupted classes from March 9, 2020 until further notice. In this period, the educational process will take place in the form of self-study!
Presentations for self-study, as well as Homeworks, will be added to our website on Fridays.
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Questionnaire – Results

Homework February 21, 2020
Homework February 28, 2020
Homework March 13, 2020
Homework March 20, 2020
Homework April 3, 2020

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01 Introduction to Science
02 Test
03 Search
04 Quality
05 Clinical studies
06 Clinical guidelines


Július Hodosy 

Summer Semester 2019/2020

1. Basal Metabolism

2. Working Metabolism

General medicine

  1. Cor pulmonale
  2. Diabetes mellitus
  3. Liver
  4. Molmed

Biomedical physics

barbora izrael vlková

General medicine – Summer Semester

Molecular pathology 2020