Here You can find pdf textbook on ECG by Julius Hodosy et al.

ECG in real life



Summer semester


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Article 1

Article 2

Article 3


Lecture 1 – ppt

Lecture 1 – link

Lecture 2 – ppt

Lecture 3 – ppt

Lecture 4 – ppt

Lectures 5 and 6 – ppt

Lectures 7 and 8 – ppt

List of students who recieve +5 bonus points to the final exam

(criterion: 6-7 points out of max 7 points from the midterm test)


Aujla, Harneet
Anna Westreicher
Florian Michael Stemmer
Krause-Harder, Jannick
Zilles, Mark Alexander Kilian
Jücker, Sarah
Stefan Gerhard Schön

General medicine:

  1. Cor pulmonale
  2. Diabetes mellitus


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Molecular pathology 2019