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The last term of the exam from the subject “Introduction to Science” will be on Friday, August 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm.
The exam will be take as online test throught MS Forms. You will need to log in to MS Forms via your uniba email! The link where you will find the test will be published on this website on Monday, before the test will start.
Registration for this term is already open in AIS.


Test tips:
If the table, graph or image in the test are too small, you can download or save them and enlarge them.
Please check the webpage of PubMed. It has a new design.

In case of any questions, you can consult the lectures that you have had to study over the past weeks with a teacher through mail.

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01 Introduction to Science

02 Test

03 Search ppt
     Search video

04 Quality ppt
     Quality video

05 Clinical studies
     Clinical studies part I video
Clinical studies part II video

06 Clinical guidelines
     Clinical guidlines video

07 Statistics I video

08 Statistics II video


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PhD courses

Every year we organize courses for PhD students. Join us, sign in by sending email to Unless stated otherwise, the courses will be held from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm including lunch break at SAS, Medical science pavilion, block B, 6th Floor, IMBM library.

Required conditions to pass out the course: presence, test, practical exam

Timetable of upcoming courses in 2019:

  • Reading of scientific papers, equipment, lab rules  – 2nd September – 1PM, Pavilion of Medical Sciences, SAV, B block, 6th floor, IMBM Library
  • Animal handling, anesthesia, metabolic cages – 3rd September
  • Blood collection, Burker chamber, basic surgery – 4th September
  • First aid, blood collection, pipetting – 5th September
  • Presentations, PCR theory – 6th September
  • DNA, RNA isolation, electrophoresis – 9th September
  • Study design, writing of scientific papers – 10th September
  • Behavioral tests – 11th September
  • Cell cultures, DNase activity, iBOX – 12th September
  • Protein measurement, western blot, calculations – 13th September
  • Graphpad, statistics – 16th September
  • Citation softwares, work with bacteria – 17th September
  • Neutrophil isolation, chemotaxis – 18th September – Faculty of Medicine, Sasinkova 4, 5th floor
Research study

Summer School of Biomedicine for High School Students and University Students
Are you interested in biology, chemistry or other natural sciences? Would you like to gain knowledge and especially experience in the lab? Would you like to contribute to a better understanding of the origin of diseases, to non-invasive diagnostics, or to new causal treatment of various pathologies?


If so, do not hesitate and apply for summer school of biomedicine at the Institute of Molecular BioMedicine (IMBM)!


The aim of the summer school of biomedicine is to acquaint students with biomedical research and to show the beauty of scientific endeavor. Within the summer school of biomedicine, students have an opportunity to learn the basic methods of biomedical research and try out research work in the laboratory of the Institute of Molecular BioMedicine by participating ongoing IMBM projects.


If you like what we do, join us at any time.
Internship length:

short-term (1-8 weeks)
long-term (2 and more months)

Who can apply?

high school students
university students
PhD students
other applicants

If you are interested, you can register for the summer school of biomedicine by filling out this form. Please, send also your CV to

Basic courses

Basics 1
Basics 2
Basics 3
Basics 4


Faculty of Medicine

Here You can find pdf textbook on ECG by Julius Hodosy et al.

ECG in real life