PhD courses

PhD courses are planned for PhD students in September. Anybody is welcome to attend. Click here for further information.

Timetable 2019:

  • Reading of scientific papers, equipment, lab rules  – 2nd September – 1PM, Pavilion of Medical Sciences, SAV, B block, 6th floor, IMBM Library
  • Animal handling, anesthesia, metabolic cages – 3rd September
  • Blood collection, Burker chamber, basic surgery – 4th September
  • First aid, blood collection, pipetting – 5th September
  • Presentations, PCR theory – 6th September
  • DNA, RNA isolation, electrophoresis – 9th September
  • Study design, writing of scientific papers – 10th September
  • Behavioral tests – 11th September
  • Cell cultures, DNase activity, iBOX – 12th September
  • Protein measurement, western blot, calculations – 13th September
  • Graphpad, statistics – 16th September
  • Citation softwares, work with bacteria – 17th September
  • Oxidative stress – 18th September


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