Sex Difference in Plasma Deoxyribonuclease Activity in Rats
Our authors: Janovičová Ľubica, Borbélyová Veronika, Celec Peter, Hodosy Július, Konečná Barbora, Renczés Emese
All authors: Janovičová Ľ, Gromová B, Drobná D, Konečná B, Renczés E, Borbélyová V, Hodosy J, Celec P

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Measurement of labile and protein-bound heme in fixed prostate cancer cells and in cellular fractions
Our authors: Janovičová Ľubica
All authors: Canesin G, Janovicova L, Wegiel B

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Isolation and Quantification of Extracellular DNA from Biofluids
Our authors: Janovičová Ľubica, Celec Peter, Konečná Barbora, Vlková Barbora
All authors: Janovičová Ľ, Konečná B, Vlková B, Celec P

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Deoxyribonuclease activity negative correlates with extracellular DNA in uncomplicated singleton pregnancies in the third trimester
Our authors: Janovičová Ľubica, Celec Peter, Vlková Barbora
All authors: Vlková B, Janovičová Ľ, Pšenková P, Melníková L, Balažovjechová B, Záhumenský J, Celec P

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Circulating extracellular DNA is in association with continuous metabolic syndrome score in healthy adolescents
Our authors: Janovičová Ľubica, Celec Peter, Gardlík Roman, Šebeková Katarína
All authors:

Physiol Genomics