Differences in salivary testosterone, digit ratio and empathy between intellectually gifted and control boys.
Our authors: Celec Peter, Minárik Gabriel
All authors: Durdiakova J, Celec P, Laznibatova J, Minarik G, Lakatosova S, Kubranska A, Ostatnikova D

Intelligence, 48: 76-84, 2015Studies research, 54 (1-2): 44-54, 2015


Determination of the Preferred Conditions for the Isolated Perfusion of Porcine Kidneys.
Our authors: Boor Peter
All authors: Mancina E, Kalenski J, Paschenda P, Beckers C, Bleilevens C, Boor P, Doorschodt BM, Tolba RH

European Studies research, 54 (1-2): 44-54, 2015