Here You can find pdf textbook on ECG by Julius Hodosy et al.

ECG in real life


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Students’ scientific activity


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  1. Introduction – Plan, conditions, sample test

2. Science & Medicine

3. Databases of medical literature

4. Research articles and peer review

5. Quality in science and medicine and Experiment

6. Descriptive statistics

7. Analytical statistics

8. Guidelines (UpToDate, 5minuteconsult)

9. Preclinical studies

10. Clinical studies – bias

11. Team based learning – case reports

12. Theses & presentations
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assoc. prof. Július Hodosy, MD, MSc., PhD., MPH


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Molecular biomedicine

Circulating nucleic acids

assoc. prof. Barbora Vlková,Dr. Rer. Nat., PhD.

General medicine – Summer Semester
Molecular pathology 2020

Student scientific conference is a great opportunity to do research during studies and present your work. It occurs every year at the Medical faculty of Comenius university. If you are interested in doing student scientific activity during your studies you can choose from topics listed in the table below or contact us if you would like to work on some other topics. We are open to your suggestions and ideas!

For more information about the student scientific conference please visit the official website.

Supervisor Topic
Assoc. prof. Roman Gardlik, MD, PhD. Dynamics of Extracellular DNA in Acute Liver Failure
Assoc. prof. Roman Gardlik, MD, PhD. The use of deoxyribonucleases in therapy of colitis
Assoc. prof. Peter Celec, MD, PhD. Diagnostic applications of saliva
Assoc. prof. Peter Celec, MD, PhD. Pathogenesis of sepsis and its complications
Assoc. prof. Peter Celec, MD, PhD. Empathy vs mental rotation
assoc. prof. Julius Hodosy, MD, PhD Prokaryotic DNA isolation techniques and their optimization
assoc. prof. Julius Hodosy, MD, PhD Ultrasonography in emegergency situations
doc. MUDr. Katarína Šebeková, DrSc. The intake of Maillard reaction products in caffeteria diet
doc. MUDr. Katarína Šebeková, DrSc. Hidden food assay of olfactory ability in rodent model