Here You can find pdf textbook on ECG by Julius Hodosy et al.

ECG in real life


Here is the instruction how you can set up the remote access to external information resources (PubMed, Web of Science, etc.) on the CU: Remote access – CU. If you have any problems please write at or It is important to activate this service on your computers due to the final exam!

Useful links

Eduroam is an infrastructure that allows users to connect within the computer networks of the participating institutions using the same access data as in the home institution.

Remote access – CU – Clicking in this link you can find the instructions how to set up a remote access to CU external information resources.

Remote access – SCSTI – Clicking on this link you can find all information about SCSTI (Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information. You can set up remote access to licensed electronic information sources (e-resources).

Students’ scientific activity


Current status of bonus points:
Úvod do vedy – SVK
Introduction to science – ENG

Results from exam 27/05/2022:
Úvod do vedy – SVK (feedback form)
Introduction to science – ENG (feedback form)

If you have any questions about exam, please contact us at or via Teams. If you are not satisfied with your evaluations, it is possible to have an oral examination online or in person.

The last term of the introduction to science will be on 26th of August. This will be the last term and for those that did not attend the previous 3 exam terms. Introduction to science can be transferred to next year based on the official study guidelines.


1. Introduction, requirements

2. Why is science important in medicine

3. How to search (Pubmed, WoS)

4. Quality

5. Types and structure of articles

6. Statistics (Results – graphs, statistics, data types)

7. Discussion

8. Guidelines, UpToDate, 5minutesconsult

9. Types and design of studies

10. Clinical cases

11. Final thesis writing + ethics

12. Experiment

13. Pre-term


Information about the experiment for the Introduction to science (en)

Anonymous data from the tests is available on a link here. You can try to analyze data yourself using an excel macro that you can download here.
If you are interested in knowing your own results please email me at I will let you know what is your ID number in a personal email.

Július Hodosy 

Summer Semester 2019/2020

1. Basal Metabolism

2. Working Metabolism

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Molecular biomedicine

Circulating nucleic acids

barbora vlková

General medicine – Summer Semester

Molecular pathology 2020