Our Instagram page, where You can find the latest photos directly from work effort, whether from our work deployment in the laboratory, from conferences or our work achievements.

Our new Facebook web page, where You can find exciting gossip and news from our institute. Also, job opportunities are to be found here.

Database of biomedical professional articles, and various professional open-access books from the National Institute of Health (NIH, USA). After logging in (free registration), you can set the regularity of delivery of the latest articles of your scientific interest or even the scientists themselves directly to Your email.

LaBooratory Aachen
The web page of our nephropathologist (assoc. prof. Peter Boor) in Aachen, Germany.

Specialized scientific library of the Slovak Republic, which contains not only biomedical databases but also technical, chemical and social ones. The possibility of remote access makes this website a must-have if you are serious about your professional education. Full texts are available after login (free registration) for several publishers such as ScienceDirect, Nature Publishing Group, Springer and others.

Academic Research Center (Autism)
Web page dealing with autism. It is a relatively new academic centre, which was funded by the Physiology Institute of Medical Faculty, Comenius University Bratislava.

A company that our institute cooperates with very closely. The company aims to measure salivary testosterone, or oxidative and carbonyl stress.

A civic society binds everybody willing to help children with oncologic diseases.

Our IMBM Youtube channel contains interesting educational videos about science.

If You want to know something about Your genome than this is the correct web page. Disease predispositions, pharmacogenetics or who were Your ancestors; everything can be found here.

Also one of the more expensive web pages, especially for our region, offers continuously updated guidelines and reviews for almost everything that is going on in medicine. This database is one of the most comprehensive ones, and millions of clinicians worldwide consult and search for what is currently recommended for treatment.

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