Puberty marks major changes in the hippocampal and cortical c-Fos activation pattern induced by NMDA receptor antagonists.
Our authors: Renczés Emese
All authors: Inta I, Domonkos E, Pfeiffer N, Sprengel R, Bettendorf M, Lang UE, Inta D, Gass P

Neuropharmacology, 112(Pt A):181-187, 2017

Regardless of etiology, progressive renal disease causes ultrastructural and functional alterations of peritubular capillaries.
Our authors: Bábíčková Janka, Boor Peter
All authors: Babickova J, Klinkhammer BM, Buhl EM, Djudjaj S, Hoss M, Heymann F, Tacke F, Floege J, Becker JU, Boor P

Kidney International, 91(1):70-85, 2017