APVV-PP-COVID-20-0016 Neutrophils and their extracellular traps in COVID-19

Principal investigator: Peter Celec
Duration of the project: 2020-2021

APVV-18-0366 The role of netosis in the etiopathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis

Principal investigator: Barbora Vlková
Duration of the project: 2019-2023

APVV-17-0505 Biological aspects of extracellular nucleic acids in colonic inflammation

Principal investigator: Roman Gardlík
Duration of the project: 2019-2021

APVV-18-0287 Non-invasive and previously unused markers of renal function: problems, causes and opportunities

Principal investigator: Ľubomíra Tóthová
Duration of the project: 2019-2022


VEGA 1/0307/19 Extracellular dna and its role in the pathogenesis of the metabolic syndrome

Principal investigator: Katarína Šebeková
Duration of the project: 2019-2021


VEGA 1/0716/20 Causes and effects of netosis in sterile inflammation – flow cytometry analysis

Principal investigator: Michal Pastorek
Duration of the project: 2020-2023


VEGA 1/0234/18 Molecular mechanisms behind the antimicrobial effects of steroids on uropathogenic bacteria

Principal investigator: Ľubomíra Tóthová
Duration of the project: 2018-2020


VEGA 1/0635/20 Sensitive period of brain development and the role of testosterone in autism

Principal investigator: Emese Renczés
Duration of the project: 2020-2022



KEGA 045UK-4/2020 Summer School od Biomedicine for high school students and univeristy students

Principal investigator: Veronika Borbélyová
Duration of the project: 2020-2022