Institute of Molecular Biomedicine

IMBM is a research institute of the Faculty of Medicine at the Comenius University. It is located in the Old town of the capitol of Slovakia – Bratislava at Sasinkova street 4 and in the Biomedical research center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at Dubravská street 9. The mission of IMBM is simple: doing (and enjoying doing) interesting and meaningful science. The educational background of the staff includes molecular biology, biophysics, biotechnology, physiology and medicine. We believe that interdisciplinarity is a key scientific value. We collaborate with clinicians and complementary research institutes all around the globe (Aachen, Gothenburg, New York, Boston, Hradec Králové…). PhD students are trained at our institute in experimental and laboratory medicine. Undergraduate students are working at IMBM on their bachelor/master/doctoral theses. We learn and teach at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University. If you share the devotion to science with us, apply and join us.


Days of Practical Obesitology and Metabolic Syndrome

Our PhD students participated in the Congress Days of Practical Obesitology and Metabolic Syndrome, which took place from 16 to 18 July 2020 in Demänovská dolina. Attendance at the conference was very beneficial not only due to makeing a new contacts, but also in terms of getting the information from clinical practise focusing  on obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus.
Within the poster section, Dávid Miláček won 1st place and Lucia Mihalovičová and Veronika Šarayová 3rd place.



July 20, 2020



Published papers

  • Urea and creatinine levels in saliva of patients with and without periodontitis.
  • Cell-free nucleic acids and their emerging role in the pathogenesis and clinical management of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Beneficial effect of sugar-sweetened beverages on the risk of urinary tract infections.