Extracellular DNA analysis:

  1. RT-PCR, PCR
  2. Fluorometrically

DNase activity analysis:

  1. Single radial enzyme diffusion (SRED)

Behavioral tests evaluating:

  1. Motor strength, locomotor activity and explorative behavior
    • Negative geotaxis
    • Open field test
    • Test of novel object exposure
    • Social novelty test
  2. Anxiety-like behavior
    • Elevated zero-maze
    • Elevated plus maze
    • Light-dark box
  3. Depression-like behavior
    • Forced swim test
    • Sucrose preference test
    • Dplash test
  4. Cognitive abilities, learning and memory
    • Novel object recognition
    • T-maze
    • Morris water maze
  5. Sociability
    • Three-chamber sociability and social novelty test
    • Test of social interaction

Oxidative stress – biochemical measurement:

  1. TBARS assay (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances) – measurement of the lipid peroxidation product malondialdehyde
  2. AOPP assay (advanced oxidation protein products)
  3. Fructosamine assay – measurement of the sugar-amine glycation product fructosamine
  4. AGEs assay (advanced glycation end products) – measurement of glycated proteins or lipids
  5. GSH/GSSG assay (ratio of reduced and oxidised glutathione)
  6. TAC assay (total antioxidant capacity)
  7. FRAP assay (ferric reducing antioxidant power)